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OFT purchases preowned office furniture and systems in both large and small quantities throughout the nation, and we do everything possible to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible return when liquidating their assets.

So, if you have inventory for sale, we want to talk with you! Please email us an inventory list, photos, and your contact information at or call us at 972.503.TEAM (8326).

  • Our experienced staff can provide you with all available liquidation options along with the pros and cons of each.
  • We offer you professional recommendations based on your particular circumstances and our years of experience in the industry.
  • Our helpful team members can assist you in making choices that provide the highest return to your company and help you design your best course of action to reach that goal.
  • Because of our diverse operations, we can fully implement your chosen course of action regardless of the option or options you select.
  • Because of our financial ability to handle large projects, we can make you an immediate offer to purchase and remove all your assets - and guarantee it will be done by the date you request.
  • Should we feel it is in your best interest to sell your assets to someone other than OFT, we will connect you with a buyer.
  • If your chosen option is to liquidate your assets at auction, we will move your product to our Dallas auction facility or we will conduct the sale at your location. Whatever your preference, OFT staff will perform all the marketing and sales activities, all clean-up and make ready, lotting, tagging, catalog preparation as well as staffing for the auction.
  • One of our licensed auctioneers will conduct the sale. This frees you to handle your other responsibilities.
  • Should you desire to offer your own employees an opportunity to purchase any of the assets before other disposal, we will also handle all promotion, pricing and staffing necessary for a successful employee sale.
  • Market value differs according to your chosen method of disposal. Our appraisers can ensure that you are aware of the various current market values of all your assets.