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Office Furniture Team Blog

This is your source for education and musings about the office furniture industry in Dallas and throughout Texas.

The Best Tips for Buying Office Chairs in Dallas

OFT Office - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What’s the most important piece of office furniture in Dallas offices? The desk? The cubicle itself? While those pieces of furniture are definitely crucial to the day-to-day operations of a business, no matter what size, it’s not an exaggeration at all to say that the most important piece of furniture that any business owner can buy is the office chairs that will be used in a company.


Thinking of Your Employees

Office chairs are important simply because employees sit in them all day, from the time that they arrive and usually until the time that they leave. They perform most of the basic functions of their jobs while seated, and if they’re uncomfortable, in a bad position, or not being given enough support they simply cannot work as well as they would be able to otherwise. That’s why it’s important to choose your office chairs carefully, rather than opting for the first chairs you see offered at a decent price.


Good Ergonomics Equals Comfort

There are a few tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you find the best possible office chairs in Dallas for your employees. First things first – ergonomics. You’ve probably heard this term a lot, and though it can sound a little bit like a buzzword it really is crucial to maintaining the comfort, and ultimately even the health, of your employees. Ergonomically designed chairs offer the correct amount of support and help to seat the individual with the right posture to prevent problems such a strain and lower back pain.


Chair Flexibility is Key

Also make sure that the chairs you purchase are adjustable. Employees will come and go, or change positions – usually, their chairs don’t go with them. A six-foot-tall former linebacker is going to have different needs when it comes to his chair than a five-foot-tall former cheerleader.


Account for Where the Chair Will Be Used

Remember also as you search for office furniture in Dallas that you should not only be thinking about the needs of the employee when making a buying decision. It’s also important to think about the space that the chairs will be going in. Will rolling chairs be appropriate, or will they be a hazard? Will you need chairs without arms for employees to sit comfortably at their desks? Keep all of this in mind and you can ensure that your workplace is optimized not only for comfort, but for productivity.

The Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make Buying Office Furniture in Dallas

OFT Office - Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Buying office furniture for Dallas businesses is easy enough, right? Well, that’s both true and false. While there are a lot of things that are relatively simple about the process, it’s also easy to make some big mistakes that can lead to problems in your workplace down the road if you are not careful and do not do the proper research on the office furniture you need beforehand.

More than Just Buying Furniture

The first mistake that people make when picking out furniture is buying the first (and usually most affordable) furniture item that comes along. While that can save you time, as well as a few dollars, it doesn’t take into account the specific needs that you and the people who work for you have in day-to-day office life. This isn’t just about ergonomics, either (though that should play a role). You have to keep in mind how the furniture will be used, who will be using it, and whether it will need to serve a variety of functions. For example, if you purchase a non-adjustable chair but multiple people will be using it at any given time, you’re only setting you and your employees up for discomfort and inconvenience later on.

Buy Based on The Tasks

Also remember that you need to be purchasing furniture items that are specifically designed for the tasks that you’re using them for, and that you need to consider the furniture that you purchase an investment. Sure, there may be affordable office furniture in Dallas that you can buy for a fraction of the cost of quality office furniture, but those items will only cost you in the long run if they break down or even potentially cause harm to employees. Always invest in furniture that has a high weight limit, that offers strong support, and that is made of quality materials. Furniture that may cost a little bit more but that offers a great value is a better option than buying on the cheap.

Used is An Affordable Option

Another mistake that many individuals make is not seeking out used furniture. Dallas is quickly becoming a hub of corporate culture, and with so many offices around it’s no surprise that there’s also plenty of great, quality office furniture just waiting to be purchased. The great thing about this type of furniture is that it’s usually of incredibly high quality – more so than what most businesses can afford when buying on a budget. Usually these furniture items have been replaced simply because the original owner is switching to a newer style.

Look for Longevity

And that brings home the last point – the aesthetic appeal of office furniture. You do want your office furniture to look great and to have some personality. That will help employees to feel more comfortable and ready to get to work. The big mistake that many business owners make is going for trendy furniture pieces, which can quickly become dated. Go for quality office furniture pieces with timeless appeal, and you can never go wrong.

What Do You Need to Outfit Your Office?

OFT Office - Friday, May 02, 2014
There’s a lot that goes into getting an office up and running. The right office furniture is crucial to making an office comfortable, functional, and – most importantly – inspiring the right work ethic in one’s employees. Even those offices that don’t want to be seen as rigidly formal as others need to keep in mind that the workplace should still inspire people to work. And even if each individual employee doesn’t necessarily have their own office, they should also feel comfortable in the workplace and should have enough privacy to work calmly and without excessive interruption.

For most office spaces, that means the inclusion of cubicles in the workplace. Cubicles allow each individual employee to have enough space where they can work free from interruptions on whatever tasks are presented to them throughout the day. However, as any smaller business or office knows, purchasing cubicles can be an expensive task. That’s why so many small businesses – and even larger businesses and companies that are looking to cut costs – choose to purchase used cubicles in Dallas.

The appropriate office chairs are also incredibly important – in fact, they may just be one of the most important furniture purchases that you can make. While other office furniture should fully be chosen carefully to ensure that everything is functional, office chairs must be functional as well as comfortable. Choosing uncomfortable furniture is not just unpleasant for workers, but can lead to numerous issues such as lower back pain. Uncomfortable furniture can be even more problematic for older workers, pregnant workers, and workers with disabilities. Be sure that when you are searching for office chairs in Dallas, you purchase them from a seller such as the Oft Office furniture team, which can help ensure that you are getting the best and most comfortable office chairs possible at an affordable price.

Among the other types of furniture that you will need to purchase, you will want to look at desks, at filing cabinets, and conference tables for brainstorming sessions and group meetings. It’s a good idea to consider all the types of furniture that you will need, and to think about types of functionality that you will need around your office space. This can help you ensure that you do not miss any crucial items of furniture in the buying process. Remember to check with Oft Office to schedule a consultation for your furniture, too – that way you’ll rest easy knowing you have everything you need for a comfortable and functional office.

Tips for Startups: Buying Office Furniture for Your Business

OFT Office - Wednesday, April 30, 2014
You already have tons of questions when starting a business, and a lot of things to think about – so many that you might have forgotten to think about more practical matters, such as the type of office furniture that you will use. While it may seem like a small and insignificant detail, the office furniture you choose plays a big part in the way that your business will operate. It must be comfortable, it must provide workers with the level of privacy and functionality that they need to get their work done, and for startups especially, it must be affordable. When you’re looking for office furniture in Dallas, you need to keep all of these things in mind to be sure that you’re getting your business started on the right foot. 

When it comes to comfort, it’s crucial to keep ergonomics in mind. Many people think ergonomics only applies to seating, like office chairs, but it can also apply to other workplace furniture items such as desks. It’s always a good idea to take a second look at any office furniture item to determine whether it will be comfortable to sit at for long periods of time.

Another thing to think about is the functionality of the piece. This covers a few different areas. Most small businesses have a very limited amount of space in which to work, which means that any office furniture that they purchase must not take up too much room. However, it should still offer plenty of workspace. Looking for desks that offer additional storage room is a great way to ensure that your office furniture is pulling double duty in your workspace. 

Though all these things are important, for many small businesses the most important determining factor in choosing office furniture is cost. Office furniture can be a big expense for a business that is just getting started, and for most that extra expense can be better put to use elsewhere. Fortunately, you can find used office furniture in Dallas that is stylish, comfortable, and offers an incredible amount of functionality for a fraction of the price of purchasing brand new office furniture from the Oft Office team. The company can help you outfit your entire office with what you need, and will even perform an assessment if necessary to help you choose the right office furniture, no matter what it is that you need.